Be A Part Of The Story

There are so many ways in which you can help The Parables Retold project from sharing online, telling your friends and giving financially, but we wanted to make room for those who wanted to help in a much more practical way.


Below you’ll find three ways in which we’d love your support.

If you run a church, youth, or community group and have a large hall with a screen and are interested in hosting a screening of one or more of The Parables Retold films then let us know! These events can either be ticketed per person or licensed per show for a one-off fee.

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If you’re passionate about seeing this series reach as many people as possible, then you might be perfect in becoming an ambassador. This means we will be sending you exclusive information, press packs, and release details for you to promote and crowdsource in your areas. How do you become an ambassador?


Join the Ambassador Team by signing up online today. Check your email (spam folder and all) and add us to your contact list.


No one knows your community better than you do. So let us know how we can best help you reach the people in your area for maximum effect.


When the time comes we’ll work together to gather audiences who are as excited to see the films as we are, and make sure to distribute the films in your area.

It takes an army to make a film and, as the army says, “if you can fix a bike, you can fix a plane”. Well, we won’t take it that far but if you want to help on the production then join our volunteer team to find out how and when you can help.